Upcoming Trade Shows

 ICCN - Berlin, Germany
(March 19-23 2014) 

ISNR - San Diego, USA
(October 16-19, 2014) 

MEDICA - Dusseldorf, Germany
(November 12-15, 2014) 

Innovations to simplify your work


Deymed Diagnostic proudly develops the best of Neurodiagnostic and Neurocare products that allow you to concentrate on doing what you do best, caring for your patients. By utilizing the latest technology in both hardware and software design, our products make your job easier and more efficient.

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DuoMagrTMSIntroducing the all new Deymed rTMS Magnetic Stimulator system. To request more information or to receive a brochure, please click here.

Developing advanced hardware with intuitive software interfaces requires a great deal of expertise and collaboration with end-users to know what truly makes a useful and easy to use system. Deymed prides itself in this kind of development and continuously strives to improve all its products while preserving simplicity and ease of use.


The Deymed Advantage

All our systems feature:

» High Sampling Rates
» Battery Operation/Optical Isolation
» Always On Impedance Indicators
» Intuitive "Dashboard" interface
» Advanced Features for Research
» Ultra-portable design