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System Overview

The DuoMAG MP is a single pulse Mono-phasic stimulator used primarily for diagnostic purposes when combined with EMG systems in MEP or collision studies. The major feature of this stimulator is the high-energy pulse (700 Joules per pulse) which is significantly higher than other stimulators that combine Bi-phasic and Mono-phasic pulses in one system. The high energy pulse is neccessary for stimulating the lower extremities in peripheral neuropathies or other related disorders.

Coil 125R

System Features

  • Smallest most compact design in class
  • Integrated display for stimulation intensity and simulator status
  • Full control via coils, computer or external TTL
  • Controlable by third-party applications via API (optional)
  • Upgradeable to a paired pulse TMS with second MP stimulator
  • Highest repetitive rate for Mono-phasic high power system
  • Durable and robust design with low-fail rate capacitors

User-friendly Coil Controls

Deymed coils have built-in controls for stimulation and intensity settings. This allows the user full control without needing to avert attention to external panels or triggers. This also allows the TMS system to be used by a single operator.

User-friendly Coil Controls

Compatible Coils

70BF - Cool

Butterfly Coil 70mm with controls and cooling fans

Typical use:
Focused long-term cortical stimulation, mainly for rTMS. Can be used with the counterweight balanced coil-holder on the MagTower Configuration.

Coil 70BF - Cool

50BF T-shaped

Butterfly Coil DuoMAG 50mm T-shaped

Typical use:
Very focused cortical stimulation, mainly for rTMS. Paired pulse stimulation with twin coil configuration due to smaller size.

Coil 50BF T-shaped


Round Coil 100mm with controls

Typical use:
Stimulation of peripheral nerves or shallow cortical stimulation.

Coil 100R


Round Coil 125mm with controls

Typical use:
Spinal stimulation.

Coil 125R


Butterfly V Cone Coil 120mm with controls

Typical use:
Deep cortical stimulation.

Coil 120BFV


Butterfly Coil 70mm with controls

Typical use:
Focused cortical stimulation, mainly for rTMS.

Coil 70BF


Butterfly Coil 50mm with controls

Typical use:
Very focused cortical stimulation, mainly for rTMS. Paired pulse stimulation with twin coil configuration due to smaller size.

Coil 50BF



The MagCart configuration is an easy to move configuration that takes up minimal space. An articulating arm allows the coils to be quickly locked into place after positioning.



The DuoMAG MP or DuoMAG MP-Dual can be placed on a desktop or elsewhere in a compact space.


This product is not yet available for sale to clinical market in the United States and Canada. If you are interested in a research applications, please contact us.


We supply a range of accessories for our systems ..

Download the 2019 Deymed Accessories Catalog in PDF format from the link on the right.

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Technical Specification

Product Specification DuoMAG MP
Pulse mode DuoMAG MP Monophasic
Dimensions 49 cm x 19 cm x 38 cm
Weight 14.5 kg
Frequency of stimulation at 100% intensity 0.5 Hz
Frequency of stimulation at 50% intensity 1.4 Hz
Maximum repetition rate 2 Hz
Pulse width (Rise / Decay) 100 us / 1 ms
Coil Compatibility Deymed coils
Main voltage 100-240Vac 50/60 Hz
Synchronization TTL in/out and/or USB
Communication USB full control, control on coil