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Date of publication: 09/08/2022

ASUS Success Story - DEYMED Diagnostic | DuoMAG rTMS


In collaboration with ASUS, we created a video about our DuoMAG TMS device, which uses the ASUS All-in-One.

The main advantage of ASUS All-in-One is its reliability, compact design and integration of all components in the system, which do not require an external computer and thus ensure less need for service. We emphasized the simplicity and controllability of the DuoMAG system, which we achieved thanks to the use of ASUS All-in-One. It contains installed software that controls the entire system, including the patient database. Control is via a touch screen.

Transcarial magnetic stimulator DuoMAG is mainly used for the treatment of depression. However, in the future, it may have a wider purpose, for example: various addictions, clinical pain and much more..